Malala Visits Artist and Activist Panmela Castro’s Project in Brazil and Believes in Graffiti as a Powerful Weapon in Favor Of Education

Considered “Brazilian Graffiti Queen” by CNN, Panmela Castro became worldwide known for her work on art and activism in favor of the end of violence against women.

20180711_AnaLuizaMarques_MalalaNaNAMI (33)

In 2010, Panmela Castro was named by Vital Voices Leadership Awards on Humans Rights category, followed by Malala Yousafzai nomination to the same prize in 2013. Panmela was present during Malala nomination and, since then, decided to ask her to come to Rio de Janeiro to meet Rede NAMI. Founded as of Vital Voices Awards in 2010, NAMI uses graffiti as a tool to educate afro-Brazilian girls and women from all Rio de Janeiro territory. July 12th is Malala’s birthday and, as a way to celebrate it, she chooses yearly groups of young women leaders and, this year, it was the time to get to know Rede NAMI.

20180711_AnaLuizaMarques_MalalaNaNAMI (59)

On July 11th morning, Malala, the journalist Elaine Welteroth, and the digital influencers Jérôme Jarre and Juampa Zurita visited the organization, where they had a tour through the open-air graffiti museum, had a stencil workshop and a talk with NAMI project’s participants about education in Brazil. Malala wanted to ask in person to the youngest girls about the challenges they find in Brazil to continue studying, their motivation on arts and which other structural obstacles they face in their lives to achieve their dreams. After the visit, Malala reenforced that art has great power in favor of education and how important is Panmela Castro’s and all NAMI team’s work.

20180711_AnaLuizaMarques_MalalaNaNAMI (81)

Ended the tour, Malala posed in front of a Panmela Castro’s mural, painted in her honor.

20180711_Ana Luíza Marques_Malala na NAMI (80)

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